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Challenges and Opportunities in Transport Electrification

Transport Electrification is getting the headlines in both general and specialized media. Transport electrification is challenging for electrical insulation not because the problems faced are new, but because of (a) the different combination of stress, (b) the expectations on power densities and costs (the latter particularly for electric vehicles), and (c) technological solution are evolving rapidly. 

With respect to industrial applications, some stress types become more important (as an example, thermal cycling, low pressure and high humidity), whereas  power densities are pushed to achieve levels comparable to those of hydraulic actuators (which easily exceed 1 kW/kg). Sometimes, even for trains that are electrified for a long time, creative solutions are needed to improve the service and bring high speed trains to regions that were previously not served.

These requirements call for                                                                                                  

a.  Better understanding of the implications stemming from using dielectrics and electrical insulation systems with different and more aggressive stress profiles.

b.  Developing ad hoc standards that are tailored to the specific needs of the transport electrification sector, particularly when it comes to qualification.

c.  The development of cost/effective offline and online diagnostic tools, suitable to work in harsh environments with low false positive and false negative probabilities.  

The workshop will be articulated in four presentations that will cover different types of electrical systems, from those used in aviation (the most challenging in terms of stress and power density requirements), to those used in electric vehicles, and solutions used in railway systems to expand the outreach of high-speed lines. 

Thierry LebeyA PD free aviation : Safran vision
Ian CottonChallenges in Future High Voltage Aerospace Systems’
Andrea Cavallini and Alberto RumiExperiences with the qualification of the insulation system of electrical machines used in transport electrification.
Thomas AndritschUse of dielectrics for a cost-effective electrification of railway systems