Presentations Guidelines

What is the general structure of the virtual conference?

ICD 2020 will be held in a static virtual format. An on-line Microsoft One Drive will be available for attendants were they will be able to download Conference Proceedings, watch the presentations, ask questions and interact with the authors.

Authors are required to prepare a slide presentation with superimposed voice and to answer the questions. Discussion forum will be open during 2 weeks (from 6th to 17th July), then Proceedings, Presentations and Discussion Files will be available for reading or downloading.

What is the maximum allowed time for presentations?

Although we are not constraint to a tight schedule as in normal conferences, we ask the authors to limit their presentations up to 15 minutes.

Which format of presentation is accepted?

The recommended format for presentations is a PowerPoint Show (*.ppsx) which is generated from a PowerPoint recorded with comments.

There is no template for the PowerPoint presentation, format is free. We only ask to convert it into *.ppsx file.

Once you have your PowerPoint presentation ready, you have to record your presentation with narration. In the Slide Show Menu you will find the option “Record Slide Show”

Before the recording starts you will have to select

– Slide and Animation Timings

-Narration and laser pointer

During recording, you will see a small window with the total time of the presentation and the time of the current slide.

When your presentation is finished, recording will automatically stop. If you wish to stop recording before the end, you only have to quit the presentation.

Recorded voice will appear as a sound animation associated to each slide. Thus you can remove and record again each individual slide. It is not necessary to record the whole presentation to make corrections in some slides.

Once your presentation with sound is finished you have to make a PowerPoint Show file by means of the menu “Save as” + “PowerPoint Show (*.ppsx)”

Please build the name of the file as follows:

Paper Id_Name of presenting author_up to 10 words of the title.ppsx


1101_Smith_Example of presentation title for ICD2020.ppsx

Windows Media Video (*.wmv) format will exceptionally be allowed if the conversion to *.ppsx is not available. In this case, please be careful with the total size in Mb of your video.

And what if I do not have Microsoft Power Point software?

In that case, the presentation can be uploaded with a video format such as *.wmv, *.avi or *.mp4 will be accepted.

In this case, please be careful with the total size in Mb of your video.

Where do I upload my presentation?

You have to upload your file at:

When you upload your file, you only have to add the presenter author in the form. It is not necessary to add all the authors.

Abstract Submission is Closed

Full paper submission is Closed

A template for full paper submission is available here:

Full paper length is limited to 4 pages. An extra fee of 150€ will be charged for each extra page.

You can upload your full manuscript here. Only authors with previously accepted abstracts can upload a full paper. Deadline for full paper submission is 15th April.

IEEE Copyright Form will be available soon (it will be required after full paper acceptance).


  • Conduction, polarization and breakdown
  • Space charge and related effects
  • Ageing, degradation and failure
  • Materials and insulation systems
  • Theories, methods and models
  • Diagnostics and experiments
  • Treeing
  • Multifunctional materials
  • New materials for active and passive components
  • Composite insulation systems
  • Nanodielectrics
  • Electro-active polymers and their application
  • Microelectronics and photonics
  • Eco-friendly dielectrics and recycling
  • Biodielectrics
  • Electro-hydrodynamics